Works Overview

Samtex Fashions Ltd. has been set up in the Noida Special Economic Zone, which is a free trade zone . Due to its location , the distinct advantages are :-

  • All imports exempted from Customs Duty.

  • Sourcing of raw materials is convenient and time saving.

  • Single window logistical support.

Samtex Fashions' collaboration with SAMSUNG INC. enables it to have access to SAMSUNG'S large and intensive network of Vendors worldwide . This enables us to source raw materials from quality manufacturers located in any Country at competitive prices and good quality.

Samtex Fashions Ltd. has equipped itself with the latest machinery for manufacturing mens and ladies garments enabling it to deliver unmatched quality to it's buyers

Our Technical Strength

In order to keep up with the stringent standards of quality of garments Samtex Fashions Ltd. has strengthened it infrastructure with state of the art machinery that has helped in achieving the desired perfection in garment manufacturing and supplying garments that are a notch above the others. It is equipped with machinery from companies like JUKI, Durkop Adler, Macpi, and Maier that are used by Samtex's skilled workforce.

Samtex Fashions Ltd. production facility consists of over 1500 machines with specialized machinery installed for every operation of the production process. We have machines for fabric inspection machine (to ensure 100% fabric inspection), fusing machine from Kanneigieser and Reliant fabric cutting matchines from Oshima and Eastman.

Moreover we have specialized machinery from JUKI and Durkop Adler for pocket welting and Button hole machines set up in our assembly lines for manufacturing top notch garments for our buyers.

Apart from the machines, we have a fully trained team of experienced technicians who are present in the assembly lines and constantly monitoring the machine calliberations and can tackle any technical problems that may arise in the machines during the production process.

Each production floor has its own independent finishing department for providing the perfect finish to garments with pressing machines from macpi and kunsung for trousers as well as jackets. These include innumerable sets of legger and topper machines and with specialized machines for jacket finishing.

Our Production Methods

Stringent production method for garment manufacturing.

Samtex Fashions Ltd. follows the most stringent yet effective production method for garment manufacturing. Right from the initial cutting section to the packing section, samtex adheres to a procedure that incorporates all the top notch operations and methods to manufacture quality garments.

In-house CAD system

Samtex is equipped with a CAD system for pattern making and plotter machines from Tukatech that allow us to be highly flexible with garment specification provided by our various buyers. We have the capability to adapt to any new garment style and apply the same on our assembly lines.

Independent Sampling Section

Samtex Fashions has an independent sampling section which employs highly skilled workers for any sampling requirements of the buyers as well as in house verification of the patterns. We have inhouse stitching masters who have been trained in Korea for garment manufacturing.

Detailed Fabric Inspection

Fabric inspection is another aspect that samtex has follows religiously to deliver quality garments. We follow a 4-point system for the inspection of the fabric rolls.

Precision Fabric Cutting

Our cutting department is equipped with the required machines and operators who cut the fabric with precision keeping in the mind the safety aspect( safety hand gloves).

Minimum wastage & Maximum output

In the assembly lines we follow an effective procedure for garment assembly with minimum wastage and maximum output. To maintain quality of garment we have check points at various points in the assembly line.

Efficient finishing department

After garment assembly, samtex follows the procedure of pressing inspection and repressing for delivering an inspected and quality garment to buyers. The finished garments are sent to warehouse where they are neatly segregated, packed and shipped out to the buyers.

Regular garment Quality monitoring

Each assembly line has a supervisor and quality head, who have 7 quality personnel monitoring the quality of garment at various sections in the assembly line.All these operations are supported by various specialized machinery from various renowned companies.

Periodical Training Programmes

Samtex conducts periodical training programmes for its production team to get it acquainted and trained in the new production techniques and methods and also upgrades machinery wherever imperitive.

Our Quality

Team of highly experienced personnel in Garment Manufacturing Technology

Our team comprising of highly experienced personnel in 'garment manufacturing technology' maintains a strict vigil on the quality. They inspect each style before it goes on to the production line, examining every requirement from sewing to packing. An operation breakdown and machine specification list is prepared for each style.

In-house quality control department

Here, our in-house quality control department steps in. A detailed pre-production meeting is carried out with the production and quality heads of the unit before the new style is allocated on the lines. Post-production, the garment goes through several on-line, pre-final inspections that adhere to an AQL of 2.5. This ensures that the product manufactured by us is world class.

Latest Technological Initiatives

As technology has become a dominant force of the new era, keeping pace with the changing technologies has become imperative. We, at Samtex Fashions Limited, endeavour to take various technological initiatives.